ADI: An Exceptional Fashion Design House

In an industry like ours, one always has to keep up with the times and what is happening around our town, other provinces and the country at large. Thanks to all the social media platforms in existence, one can interact with most of the world from the comfort of their own lap. After stumbling upon a few clothing designs on Facebook with a logo with the acronym "AMD" (Adminah Monyeki Designs) our interest was piqued after every successive design we found - resulting in a meeting with creator of all those garments around February this year.

A Timeline Cover We Designed For The Brand

The few photo-shoots; wardrobe jobs; commissions and referrals inspired the rise of an association between us and ADI (then "AMD"). and ADI have jointly worked on Farewell Shoots is currently looking after the ADI brand's image.

The Timeline we had up during the farewell season...

We love ADI's originals and we recommend that you pay her a visit the next time you need an outfit that will turn heads at that special event.