The Mousist plays Wedding Photographer!

Planning a wedding can be quite a daunting task, especially if it is yours and you do it unaided. Amongst all the other things, like the tux; the designer dress; the glass slippers and his imported shoes, one is often faced with the challenge of choosing a photographer for their special day. Read on as we walk you through a criteria that has been tried and tested.

01. Visit Their Website

First impressions go a long way. If the photographer's work is not your cup of tea at first glance then it probably won't be on your big day. We have separated our gallery on our site to The Bride (click on the word to view); The Big Day; The Groom and Breaking The Ice. All this was done for ease of navigation. Assess what you see and take the first decision that comes to mind - send the link to your groom first and then your close friend or two and ask them to help you decide if you're struggling. They would be - in some cases - better positioned to reach a decision much faster than you would.

02. Identify Your Expectations

What aspects of your wedding would you like captured? How detailed do you want them to be? How's the setting goign to be? Is the Wedding ceremony goign to be held at a chapel or garden? How far is the venue for the reception from there? How much time will you allocate for each e.g. 1 hour 30 minutes for the ceremony and 3 hours for the reception, with 20 minutes travel from the chapel to the reception? Or if you are not sure you can offer to send your photographer the programme once it has been finalized by yourselves or your planner. These were merely examples of the typical answers you should have before involving your photographer in the equation.

03. Have A Look At Your Budget

Judging by what you need done for your event, how much are you willing to spend? Is the amount you have allocated really proportional to what you need done, honestly? Have a range, like R6000 - R8500 for example, so that you can be better postioned to negotiate with your service provider.

04. What Packages Are On Offer?

Package deals are money-savers and they manage to lift some responsibility off your shoulders. For instance, if the photographer also offers stationery and Photo books and Albums, you need not source for another service provider who will do that, especially if you have seen some of the live examples of the photographer's past work.

We have 5 different packages on offer - available in two different options each. Our single shooter options - below - have been created to meet the needs of the couple on a restricted budget. 
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 Click To Request The Price NOW!
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Click To Request The Price NOW!
Our Double Shooter options - give you twice the bang for your buck - as you will have two trigger men working the yard on your day. These are slightly steeper that the former and are best taken for larger scale celebrations. We are also very open to tailoring a package to suite your needs.
Narrow down your selections by taking note of the packages that speak to you most.

05. Set Up A Meeting 

Make contact with the photographer and set up a meeting while your memory is still fresh. Our prices are only available on request but some photographers put them up. Should you need a price for any of our packages just (click here) to hop to our contact form and type the name of the package in the subject line e.g "Ruby - Single Shooter" or alternatively, you can send us a mail at

At we die for that look in your face on the day you flip through your Photo Album for the first time - in fact that is what has kept us going as wedding photographers to this day. We love capturing your magical moments and helping you relive them once again everytime you flip through your album or Photo Book. We are chronic subscribers to detail.
So you could be a Mr or a Mrs already, maybe you used a different criteria while sourcing for a photographer? Care to share?