Photographers: Misconceptions You Have About Them

Disclaimer: This post is not directed at anyone I have rendered services for in the past.

Photography is often allocated the smallest portion of a budget for weddings and other private and public events. Some say it’s because they can’t afford it and to some it’s because they don’t see the importance of preserving those once in a lifetime moments. Some photographers have accepted this as the norm and have reviewed their prices to measly amounts that they have sucked out of their thumbs.

Such decisions end up costing the whole local photographic industry because great numbers of our clients flock to the cheaper and same-time shooters – starting price wars and rendering our small photographic industry unprofessional.

Some of us invest small fortunes into all the equipment we use to shoot your events, images for editorial, fashion and portrait photographs; we have to pay for insurance; keep upgrading; training and practicing so we’re ready for all possible challenges that may come – while you dress to the nines and take care of other things that really matter on your day.

So next time you think of asking me to lower my prices for exposure or whatever reason you may have, I strongly advise you to go through the main image of this post again because it will never happen.