Breaking The Ice Sessions

As is the case with all brands, we all love to come up with names of services that distinguish us from the next
brand that offers a similar service. “Breaking The Ice” is my own special name for Engagement Shoots or
as other photographers playing the field would call it.

With the sessions being a platform for both the photographer and the couple to get acquainted, I felt the
name was more descriptive of what goes on as opposed to the bland “Engagement Sessions” that are often
confused for an Engagement Party by most.

It is strongly advised that these sessions be held soon after the couple hires the photographer and not a
week before the wedding – nerves usually get the better of the Mr and Mrs at this time. The sooner the
engagement shoot, the more the time and fun we can all have at the shoot as the couple would be in a more
relaxed state. Everyone gets to know the other with every snap and every snap shown to the couple builds
confidence and rapport between the two.

There are quite a few advantages to holding these sessions as it is the best time to have a test run with
your stylist and or make-up artist. Minimizing surprises on your big day. As an indicator of a successful ice
breaker, both parties (i.e. the photographer and the couple) should be very good acquaintances.
This guarantees that the photographer is greeted with an assuring and enthusiastic smile,
on the day of the wedding.

Some ideas on where to use your new photos?

They can be used on invitation cards; your favourites can be blown up and stretched on canvases or framed
to be hung at your new home; they can be used on “save the date” cards; your wedding website, as I have
done for Mpumi & Siqhamo; your Guest Books; or your Photo Book / Album and your thank you cards,
to mention a few.

The relationship with your photographer is of great significance when it comes to The success of your
wedding shoot. You can’t be at ease with someone you’re not comfortable with – so choose wisely
ladies and gentlemen!