#16Days2Freedom - The E.N.D

Originally posted in the Facebook Group - 2 weeks ago.

In my version of the story, Day 16 is the day of the interview, which is why Hector's incident was the day before, that is the 15th - reminiscent of the idea that "it is always darkest before dawn". I didn't want to be typical like everyone's blog, newspaper or facebook post who'll have the famous Sam Nzima snap as their main image, there's a handful of other unsungs that lost their lives on the day.

The image I used in the background (Tip 16 - Main Image) was placed strategically so the girl's smile is the focal point, and for the first time a photo from '76 doesn't depict brutality and the horrors of that day. It depicts a mood I will call "the sweet smell of victory", I couldn't have imagined a better image to accompany Tip No. 16 of 6ixteen.

That is the very same "smile" you should be wearing if you follow some my tips and you put your best foot forward in the actual interview. Let's not let Hector; Tsietsi and all the other unsungs' sacrifices to be in vain. It's high-time for you to get that job; or promotion and take that leap out of your comfort zone. They have afforded us countless opportunities and us attaining our financial freedom, or freedom of any other kind, in their honour would be a great means of showing just how their struggles and sacrifices do not go unrecognized.

Their Energy Never will Die (E.N.D).

Happy Youth Day my brothers and sisters, we shall be victors!

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