#16Days2Freedom - Campaign


Originally posted on May 21, 2012 in the Facebook Group.

So I’ve been reading a few books and a few blogs about compiling a CV and some guidelines to write a selling CV that always almost gets you the job you want. This inspired me to put together this 16 day campaign in commemoration of the courageous students that fell for our freedom on the month of June, 37 years ago.

I call the campaign: “16 Days 2 Freedom”. I will be releasing ONE tip everyday of the first 16 Days of June.

I will continue to roll out all the CVs that have been submitted for FREE and TheCVsThatSell Service will NO LONGER be FREE as of the 17th of June, it will be sold for a mere R500, bring a friend and get it for R400.

Mail me now: cvs@themousist.co.za