Presentation Is Everything

Presentation Is Everything!

This is just a post on my job seeking experience. I thought it might shed some light to some and might be nothing new to some. I do look forward to some of your replies / comments if this is close to home.

I first posted this on my facebook group in June 14th, last year - Probably the longest blog post I have ever put up... in my life.

Most of my examples will be specific to my industry but I'm certain that they can still apply to your respective fields as well. Looking at all the facilities that we have at our disposal, one cannot afford to not educate oneself adequately. Persistence is the NOUN to memorize. I tend to sway from the topic from time to time so please bear with me.

So... I was looking for a job at a Photo Lab here in Nelspruit ( I never got the job - but that's not the point). So I went to their warehouse and dropped off my CV and to my surprise the lady at the reception advised that they had interviewed the last batch of people the day before. With confidence, I placed my CV on her counter asking her to let me know as soon as they have another opening for a salesperson (Yes, Salesperson, lol!).

Within a few hours just before I could board a taxi back home, the lady calls me for an interview which she had scheduled for the next day. I had it easy there because my 4 Page CV was prepared almost entirely in Microsoft Word. The presentation and layout was clean and it looked professional. I might not have landed the job but the objective of a CV in most cases is to secure an interview and my CV got me the desired results... Lesson: "Presentation IS KING!"

Another instance was in 2010 when I got a tad too creative for the recruiters. My CV took the form of a DIY book - in terms of look and feel and layout. Simply titled "How To Get One Foot In The Door" and it spread over 16 pages. You can guess what happened right? I bet you none of the people who received the "book" made it to page 7. This was by far my worst CV to date... Lesson: "Take careful consideration of the people who willl receive your CV. DO NOT take this pointer for granted."

Shortly after sending through some of the "Book" CVs and noticing the declining responses, I decided to revisit my CV. This time it took the form of a fictional magazine (this time without all the other pages) I called it "Culture" magazine. It had a total of 4 pages as well - the cover; a photo of me at work; and "my exclusive" interview (which spread over two pages). This was my most successful CV to date. It demostrated my personal marketing ability; my layout ability; my photo-retouching skills; conceptualizing ability and my fluency on Photoshop and In Design. I really took the recruiting agent or department into consideration when I created this version of my CV. Minimal and factual text; simple english; only four pages and the "Read-me! Read-me!" cover design. I knew very well that I was applying for a job at a highly competitive province; the recruiters would have a long day so I concentrated on all the features that would make my CV stand out from a thousand. Lesson: "Your CV must showcase your abilities. Standing out gives you an even better chance of being called!"

Early this year, I pushed my limits even further I created another concetulized CV, this time it only had 1 page plus the cover page. It took a style similar to that of a Marvel Comics' book. I had been toying around with the "Mousist" idea for quite a while (I didn’t foresee it as a brand it this stage). This version of my CV came across as quirky, fun, relaxed and flamboyant. I designed it in a way that my personality (above all things) shone through such that the reader would feel like they know me personally. The CV was still minimal and factual; simple english; with a killer "Read-me-now!" cover design. Lesson: Always challenge yourself, be AWARE of trends, USE them to STRENGTHEN your BRAND!

Fast forward to today, too many trends have surfaced as means' for presentation. One that really stood out for me is the video resumes / CV (which I am yet to do). A well thought of and well executed video resume / CV that sits on your YouTube or Vimeo guarantees a global audience. What will sell someone on the video (especially a random visitor who doesn't know you personally) is the title and excellent presentation. Lesson: BROADCAST yourself!

In the design industry presentation is everything, you are taught to sell your self in the shortest amount of time as possible. It becomes an even greater challenge when all of us creatives are "campaigning" for the same seat. Remember first impressions go a long way, so the real question here is how you want to be remembered?

Presentation Is... EVERYTHING!

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Happy commenting!

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